Five Tools for Starting a Fit Lifestyle

Five Tools for Starting a Fit Lifestyle for PinterestBeginning your fitness journey can be confusing and even scary. There are many ways to achieve a fit life. With so much information floating around how do you even know where to start? Will you go low carb? Paleo? Vegan? What type of workouts will you do?

My first tip is to remember that this is a lifelong journey. Take your time and experiment. Figure out what way of eating works for you. Try different types of workouts until you find one you love. The five tools that I’m going to talk about aren’t necessary by any means. You don’t NEED anything to be fit other than self-control. These are just a few things that eased me into my fit lifestyle.

1. A Favorite Fit Youtuber

While you should create a routine for yourself, it helps to have a blueprint on where to start. Search around YouTube, Instagram, or even Tumblr. Try and find people that have similar values and goals. Their fitness routines may not work for you 100%, but they can help guide you as you’re starting off. This is a great way to get tips too.

2. Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps from Five Tools for Starting a Fit Lifestyle by ShyneandInspire.comThere are a ton of fitness apps for your phone, computer, and smart TVs these days. You can use these apps to help you in many aspects of a fit life. To help your workouts have some variety, you can download workout apps. Track your water intake with one of many water tracking apps. Some are even like games. I have a HIIT timer on my phone that lets me do body weight and cardio moves from anywhere. If you need help with sleeping better, give a sleep tracking app a try. A lot of them offer tips to help improve sleep quality. Lastly, you can give fitness community apps a try. It helps to connect with like-minded people that are going through what you are.

3. A Meal & Workout Journal

Keep A Journal from Five Tools for Starting a Fit Lifestyle by ShyneandInspire.comYou can use the notes on your phone, buy an app, or get a notebook from the dollar store. Just have a place where you can keep track of your food intake and your workouts. This will allow you to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll have to hold yourself accountable because even if you lie on paper, your body will reveal the truth.

4. Basic Workout Equipment

Workout Equipment from Five Tools for Starting a Fit Lifestyle by ShyneandInspire.comEven if you plan on going to the gym, spin, or yoga classes, I think it’s a good idea to have a few workout basics at home. This will allow you to workout no matter the weather or random issue. I have a post on cheap home gym equipment here. It could also help to have a few workout videos saved in a playlist on YouTube. If your original plans fall through, you will still have a backup plan.

5. Workout Clothes

When you go in for a job interview, they say dress for the position you want. Well, now you’re going to dress for the body you want. Your workout clothes don’t have to cost a lot. Try the thrift store, clearance sections, or wear old clothes. Just be sure to have a special set of clothes set aside to workout in. This will help you get into a pumped up, workout mood when you put the clothes on. Much in the same way that a cool pants suit puts you in the mood to kick butt in an interview.

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