My 5 Home Gym Essentials

A lot of people believe that having a home gym is a luxury. Well, I’m here to let you know that doesn’t have to be the case. As long you have an extra room or corner in your home, you can create a fully functional home gym on a budget. Here are five products that helped get my home gym running on a budget.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

One of the most crucial parts of any good workout is epic music. A good playlist will help you get in the zone and stay focused throughout your workout.  A significant advantage of having a home gym is that you can blast your favorite tones as loud as you want.

2. Cardio Machine or Jump Rope Jump Rope [My 5 Home Gym Essentials via]

Yes, I know I told you this blog post was about making a home gym on a budget. So where does a $300 piece of equipment fit in all this? It doesn’t. I got my elliptical for $50 from a family friend. My tip is to save your hard earned cash and don’t buy a brand new machine. Try looking around at thrift stores and garage sales. Another affordable piece of cardio equipment is a jump rope. Jump roping is one of the most efficient workouts when it comes to toning and calorie burning.

3. Weights Kettelbells [My 5 Home Gym Essentials via]

Okay, I’m cheating again. I have three items under this number, but that’s because strength training is a necessity. In my home gym, I have dumbbells, kettlebells, and a medicine ball. These three types of weights will allow for variety in your exercise routine. This keeps you from getting bored with your routine and it keeps your muscles guessing. Once again you’re going to need to shop around a little to find the best price. I brought my dumbbells and medicine ball from Five Below. As the name of the store suggests, I paid $5.  Five Below also sells kettlebells, resistance bands, and ankle weights. Definitely a great store for the fitness junkie on a budget. The only issue is when you need heavier weights. The highest weight I’ve seen is 8lbs.

4. Stability Ball

Also known as a yoga ball, the stability ball is a versatile, fun piece of equipment to have in your home gym. You can use a yoga ball to help with balance or in place of a workout bench. I like to use my stability ball for stretching and strength exercises. A yoga ball can be annoying if you don’t have a lot of space for your home gym. If you’re dealing a small space, a stability ball can be skipped.

5. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat[My 5 Home Gym Essentials via] A yoga mat is a must for all floor exercises. It’s important to have something to cushion your body against the hard floor. This is true even if you have carpet. An alternative to a yoga mat is foam floor mats. These are also great if you like to do workout moves that require a lot of jumping. The mats will help protect your joints from the impact of repeatedly hitting the ground. Five Below also sells yoga mats and foam mats also. I told you that place is budget fitness paradise.

There are plenty more things that I have in my home gym, but these are just the essentials. I suggest starting with these five items. You can slowly expand your gym as your budget allows. My number one tip for finding great budget deals is to be patient. A sale or discount is coming I promise. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend that is also trying to start their home gym. And I’ll see you in the next post or on Instagram.

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