Why You Need to Start Taking Naps

Why You Need to Start Taking Naps for Pinterest via ShyneandInspire.comAh, napping. Something we all use to hate as children, but now miss as adults. Napping is sometimes associated with being lazy, but it’s actually a completely natural, productive use of one’s time. Our energy levels naturally rise and fall during the day. That’s where the “after lunch slump” comes from.


What makes napping so amazing? Well, napping has been shown to increase productivity and focus. This is great if you’re tackling a large project. Students studying for exams should skip the all-nighters. Naps improve our ability to store and recall the information we take in when studying. For those trying to lose or maintain their weight, try napping to regulate your appetite. Naps are also great for lowering stress because they offer a quick break while decreasing cortisol levels.

How Long Should I Nap?

Napping Infographic from Why You Need to Start Taking Naps via ShyneandInspire.com

*Source: The Sleep Foundation


Coffee Nap from Why You Need to Start Taking Naps via ShyneandInspire.comThe best time for a nap is between 1pm and 3pm. Be sure not to nap too late into the afternoon or evening. This can throw off your sleep cycle at night. Make sure the room is dimly lite because light works against good quality sleep. If you want an extra boost give caffeine naps a try. A caffeine nap is when you drink a caffeinated drink right before napping. It takes caffeine 20 to 30 minutes to kick in, and that is about how long you should sleep. This will leave you feeling even more energized from your nap.

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