How I Transitioned to Natural Deodorant

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How I Transitioned to Natural Deodorant PINWhile reading around about healthy living, I found a few articles explaining the dangers of traditional antiperspirants. Naturally, I didn’t want anything to do with those nasty toxic ingredients. I did some more research on the topic and came up with a game plan to remove antiperspirants from my life. I tried transitioning cold turkey and it was a disaster. I ended up with painful blisters and a pile of natural deodorants that only worked for a couple hours. I was ready to give up and turn back to traditional antiperspirants.

Luckily, an Instagram post about armpit detoxing came up on my explore page. Like I always do after I learn about something new and interesting, I started to research. I found a few blog posts mentioning detoxing your armpits first then moving to natural deodorants. I gave it a try and I have been antiperspirant free for almost five months now. Keep reading if you want to find out how I manage to stay fresh with natural deodorant.

Detoxing Your Armpits

Armpit Detox via ShyneandInspire.comThis is the most irritating part. You’ll be going three to four weeks deodorant free. I read that the process works better this way, but if things get too uncomfortable, you can add a natural deodorant into the process. I doubt it will throw things off too much. Make sure not to use any traditional antiperspirants though! I completed my detox deodorant free.

As I said, this is a three to four-week detox. Pick the length that works best for your body. You will only need two ingredients to make the detox paste: Bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. Mix the ingredients adding just enough ACV to the clay to make a paste. You must use a non-metal spoon and bowl. Metal objects shouldn’t come into contact with bentonite clay. I used a glass bowl and plastic takeout spoon.

First, clean your armpits and dry them thoroughly. Then take the paste and smooth it on to both armpits every day for the length of the detox. Start out with leaving the mixture on for five minutes, slowly moving up to twenty minutes toward by the end of the detox. When the five to twenty-minute wait is over wash off the paste. Sooth your armpits with aloe as needed. You may experience some tenderness, redness, peeling, and pimples. I only had a little bit of tenderness during my detox.

Finding Your Natural Deodorant

Now that your armpits are all detoxed and ready to handle a natural deodorant, it’s time to look for the perfect one. Don’t think you’re just going to buy one tube and be done with your search. Unless you’re super lucky, this is going to take a little trial and error. One brand may work at first, but after a couple of weeks, it does nothing for you. Another brand may cause irritation or just not work at all. You could even try a DIY natural deodorant recipe.

Natural Deodorant and Talc-free Baby Powder via ShyneandInspire.comNo matter what natural deodorant you end up with there is something important to remember: You are using a deodorant now, not an antiperspirant. You are going to sweat. I was shocked by the feeling of sweat freely dripping down my side during the first warm day of the season. Heck, I was a little grossed out too. My tip for this little inconvenience is talc-free baby powder. Apply some after your deodorant and it should keep you pretty dry.

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