4 Kickboxing Workout Videos for Beginners

4 Kickboxing Workout Videos for Beginners by Shyne and Inspire PINI’ve been thinking of trying kickboxing for a long time. Unfortunately, I currently can’t afford to attend classes. That’s why I turned to free videos on YouTube. Here are four of my favorite beginner cardio kickboxing videos from YouTube.

Video: 19 Minutes Low Impact Beginner Cardio Boxing Workout
Channel: BodyFit by Amy

This workout is for the true beginner. The pace is turned down allowing you to learn the kickboxing movements. Don’t let the slow pace fool you. This workout will get you moving. If you’re on the market for an apartment-friendly cardio workout give this one a try.

Video: Love Your Body Cardio Kickboxing Workout
Channel: Tone It Up

The instructor for this video is awesome. She is full of energy and keeps you motivated the whole video. All the moves are explained well. This video is pretty short but effective. Give this video a try if you need a quick equipment free workout.

Video: 30 minutes Cardio Kickboxing
Channel: Joanna Soh Official

This video is a jump in intensity from the first two videos. Don’t let that scare you though. The instructor challenges you the whole workout but is very encouraging. There is a much-needed water break at the halfway mark. Just keep moving and breathing. You can make it to the end.

Video: 25 Minutes Kickboxing Cardio Interval Workout
Channel: FitnessBlender

This is a HIIT style workout that will get your heart pumping. Don’t expect any fancy backgrounds or music. This video is about delivering a great workout and that’s what you’re going to get. I like that there is an “estimated calories burned” counter at the bottom of the screen. It’s nice to see your hard work in real time.

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