Living My Best Life: October 2017

I swear September flew right by. Now it is the month of cozy sweaters, warm mugs of coffee, and Halloween candy. I’m excited for a new month and the challenge of new goals. I didn’t knock last month’s goals out of the park, but I did learn a lot about goal setting. I know to set goals more clearly and to focus on creating habits that will make my goals reality.

 A Review of September’s GoalsYour Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

Goal #1: Working out three days per week. I was nowhere near my goal of 12 workouts for the month, but that was due to my lack of planning. This month I’m going to pencil three workouts per week into my schedule.

Goal #2: Improving my gut health. I spent September reading Chris Kresser’s Your Personal Paleo Code. I also read on the internet about healing the gut. I think I have a better understanding of what is needed to get my health on track.

Goal #3: Growing my blog following. Once again I need to focus on creating new habits for success. I did gain some new friends on my other social networks. I learned some techniques toward the end of September that I’ll be carrying into this month.

October’s Goals

Tide App by MindlessGoal #1: Increase my daily productivity. I am currently managing to get some tasks completed through the day, but I feel that I can be way more productive. I plan on adopting the Pomodoro technique to keep myself on track. With this technique, you set a timer for a period of time and focus on completing a task. Once that period of time is over, you take a short break. Repeat this process as long as needed and you have the Pomodoro technique. I am currently focusing for 20 minutes and taking a break for 5 minutes. After focusing for 3 rounds, I take a 20-minute break. To keep track of my focus times and breaks I use the Tide app by Moreless from the Apple app store. I’m really enjoying it and love that it has different types of white noise featured.

Goal #2: Become a “morning person.” I am a total night owl. I can stay up all night no problem, but mornings kick my butt. I can get a full 7-8 hours of sleep and still struggle to get up at a reasonable time in the morning. I’ve read a ton of articles and studies on the benefits of being an early bird. I want those benefits in my life. I’ll be writing a full post on “mission early bird” so if you’re interested, please check back soon.

Goals #3: Writing and implementing my gut health meal plan. This goal is a continuation of last month’s goal. I really want to get my gut health in order. I’ve done a lot of research, so now it’s time to take what I’ve learned and implement it. Once I have my full plan in order, I’ll make a post on it. There is also a review of Your Personal Paleo Code in the works. Some exciting posts are planned for this month!

 October’s Motivation & Resources

An essential resource that I’ll be depending on this month is good old Pinterest. I’m going to be working on my gut health meal plan, so I’m going to need some new recipes. If you want to check out what recipes I find, please follow my gut health recipes board here. As I said above, I’ll be using the Tide app to help with my productivity.

I hope I motivated you to try and complete some of your goals this month. It’s hard to get motivated, but I find that hearing how other people go about tackling their goals can be really beneficial. If you want to share your goals, please do so below or @ me on my social media. I would love to hear from you. Let’s conquer our goals together!

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