Living My Best Life: November 2017

The months are just flying by. It’s crazy to think 2017 has less than two more months. I’m trying my best to make the most out of them. It’s hard for me to keep focused and motivated when winter comes. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD and it seems to be getting worse […]Read Post ›

5 Tips to Help You Become a Morning Person

I mentioned in my October LMBL update that I set a goal for myself to become an early riser. I have read a ton of articles on how waking up earlier can have many different benefits. Waking up early can help stabilize your mood throughout the day. Studies found that people experienced less depression and anxiety when they started their days earlier. Those that get moving in the early hours are more productive than those that sleep in. Morning people also experience less stress and rushing in the morning. All of that sounds awesome to me, so here are five habits I’m trying to pick up to become a morning person.