Book Review: Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

I’ve been trying to work on my eating habits, improve my digestion, and heal my gut. I plan to research and create a personalized diet for myself. Something I can create a lifestyle around. While on my search for information I found Your Paleo Code by Chris Kresser. I’ve been interested in learning more about paleo since my post on it. I gathered a ton of useful information from this book. Let me touch on the highlights.

Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris KresserOverall, I think that Your Paleo Code is an amazing source for learning about nutrition and eating for health. Even if you don’t agree with the paleo lifestyle, Kresser delivers plenty of useful knowledge on food and health. For example, on page 30 Kresser explains that “The human brain in an expensive metabolic tissue: it consumes 20 percent of total body energy even though it represents only 2 percent of body mass.” Kresser also offers testimonials from patients he has helped with the “personal paleo code.” He also healed his chronic illness after suffering for years. I love that Kresser doesn’t just throw out a laundry list of “no” foods. He explains why you should avoid certain foods and backs his claims with research.

Chris Kresser is all about a modern approach to paleo. On page 5 of the book, he says, “We don’t live in the Paleolithic era anymore. We’re no caveman, so why should we follow a strict caveman diet? Why should we cut out foods we love and might thrive on simply because our ancestors didn’t eat them?” I agree 100%. The paleo diet doesn’t include dairy, but I love kefir and it makes my belly feel amazing. Why would I cut kefir out of my diet if it’s helping my digestion and doesn’t display any adverse effects on my body? Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser

Another point Kresser made that I liked a lot was that health and balance aren’t one-size fits all. “I’ve found that even two people who come to my office with the exact same health condition might need different solutions,” Kresser noted on page 6. It’s simply unrealistic to expect two people, even siblings, to have exactly the same needs. We’re all different and that’s okay. It’s time to start planning our diets around what is best for us as individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, and morally.

This book also features a full, easy to follow breakdown of Kresser’s “Paleo Reset.” He offers a ton of recipes and a meal plan to help readers get started. Kresser stresses the importance of creating a new lifestyle. This includes nutrition, sleep habits, daily activity, and mental wellness. This lifestyle creates a balanced source of health and happiness. For even more information, Kresser directs readers to his website. At the site, you have access to even more health and nutrition information.

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