Product Review: Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

One Sunday afternoon, my mother and I decided we were sick of lumpy, unpleasant to drink smoothies. If you read my review on our previous blender, you would know that I’m  not a fan of its poorly blended smoothies. We wanted a new blender and that day was the day to get it! We grabbed our Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon and hopped in the car.

img_2510We didn’t walk into this adventure blind. For a couple of weeks before our trip, we both spent hours reading reviews and watching YouTube videos about the different blenders on the market. My mother and I only had a few requirements for our new blender: Powerful, long-lasting, easy to clean and be able to blend smooth, drinkable smoothies. We were even willing to pay a pretty penny for these features.

The Features

The Blendtec manual says that there is no need for a plunger to move ingredients down to the blade. The jar is made to pull ingredients toward the blade. You don’t have to be afraid to handle the jar and clean around the blade. The blade is blunt and thick. The thicker blade is stronger and longer lasting than other blenders’ blades on the market. The motor is super high speed allowing it to handle tough ingredients like frozen fruit.

The Blendtec features a self-cleaning preset cycle. Just add a cup of water and a drop of dish soap. The blender will do its thing and all you have to do is rinse. The manual asks that you load ingredients into the jar in a certain order to allow for the best blend. Start with liquids, then soft solids, and lastly hard solids. A Blendtec can be used for more than just blending smoothies. It can also handle these 7 other useful tasks: img_2509

  • Wet Grinding
  • Dry Grinding
  • Wet Chopping
  • Dry Chopping
  • Juicing
  • Kneading
  • Frozen Treats

My Experience

The user manual says that the engine of the Blendtec is “quiet”. I don’t know what the people over at the Blendtec headquarter definition of quiet is, but this blender is anything but. It definitely shocks me awake in the morning.  A few times when I tried to blend frozen fruit the machine wasn’t able to pull the fruit down to the blade. I’d have to turn the blender off and use a spoon to move everything around. img_2513

When I don’t have that issue, my smoothies are well blended and smooth. Sometimes the smoothies will almost be juice like texture. I love this as it makes it easy to drink down my creation. The display is easy to follow and the preset blend cycles are perfect. The jar is easy to clean and seems to be very sturdy. img_2514

Overall, I’m very happy that I own a Blendtec. I use to hate smoothies and it took me over an hour to finish them. Now, I drink them down fast and love every moment of it.



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