Shyne&Inspire’s Summer 2015 Fashion Haul

I love cute clothes and a great sale. That’s why I had to do a haul of all the amazing pieces I found for this summer. I have fun pieces from Kohl’s, Forever 21, Windsor, Old Navy, and Rainbow. Can you spot the adorable gray pullover from my May favorites? Check it all out below.

S&I 2015 Summer Haul 1S&I 2015 Summer Haul 2S&I 2015 Summer Haul 3S&I 2015 Summer Haul 4

Can you believe these prices? Don’t call the cops, but I totally robbed Old Navy of those workout capri pants. The tribal print vest from Windsor was originally $30.87 and I got it for $5.99. The bargain hunter in me is very satisfied with this haul. Cute clothes and I didn’t break the bank. Please like and share if you’re in love with these deals as much as I am. See you next time.


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